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Based in the heart of the South West region, TAKUMI Studio was founded to assist South West and Australian artists and photographers with high quality fine art printing solutions.

As an internationally awarded landscape photographer, Ty’s love for the printed image has led to the natural founding of TAKUMI, where his passion and scrupulous attention to detail are to the benefit of his clients.

Helping you to deliver fantastic first impressions

What is TAKUMI Studio?

TAKUMI Studio is a Fine Art Printing studio based in the heart of Western Australia’s idyllic South West region. TAKUMI has stemmed from a love of producing printed work and facilitating the final step in the process from vision, to capture/design/paint/illustrate to seeing an idea eventuate in printed form.

Printing is a collaborative and dynamic process where we work with you to print your works to the quality and finish they deserve.

TAKUMI Studio was founded by photographer, Ty Stedman.

Ty is an internationally awarded photographer (winner of the Fine Art category Prix de la Photographie Paris 2019) and has been awarded for his printed work in Australia at the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs) (Gold) and in New Zealand at the IRIS Awards (Gold), along with a number of awards at a State level including a Gold with Distinction.

The founding of TAKUMI Studio is a natural progression for his photographic craft, where the realisation of your work through print is the ultimate reward.

We don’t get to experience printed images as much as we used to. We live in a digital age where we consume more visual media every day than we ever have before. I feel privileged to be able to facilitate the process of bringing visual media back to life through the joy of printing.

Printing your work is a challenge, but the reward of getting to view your work on a wall each day far exceeds the satisfaction of a few fleeting likes on social media.

— Ty Stedman

Owner - TAKUMI Studio

What is Fine Art Printing?

Fine Art Printing, also known as Giclée printing, is essentially the process of creating printed works on paper using high-quality inkjet printers. The process, which incorporates printing with pigment inks and archival media results in printed images that can achieve a lifespan of 60-100+ years without any perceivable degradation in colour.

What sets TAKUMI Studio apart from other printing options?

Our printing process incorporates a colour managed workflow. From preparing a file for print, to proof viewing, to printing your work with a colour profile that is specifically matched to each printer and media type to achieve superb colour consistency.

The large format EPSON printers that we print with, use UltraChrome inks, regarded for their fidelity, durability, gamut and permanence.

Our EPSON printers use range of colour and black/grey inks to produce incredible colour vibrancy and consistency, along with small tonal gradations. Images are matched to specific paper types to produce exceptional results.

We offer a range of paper/media options from some of the most regarded paper manufacturers in the world including Canson (established in 1557) and Hahnemühle (established in 1584).

In summary, our printing services produce works with a long term permanence, in a colour managed environment on a range of best in industry media, producing consistent and durable results that will add long-term value to your work.

What are Archival/Museum quality prints?

Archival quality prints are essentially the combination of aqueous/pigment inks on select acid-free media types to produce printed works that have long-term permanence and could be considered to museum collections.

What does this mean for me an artist?
If you want to offer your clients the highest quality printed works that are synonymous with the quality of your original work, then we strongly suggest that you consider the archival qualities of what you are selling. We offer a couple of price points that help you to achieve your price positioning within your market. We are always happy to present you with some options for consideration.
Quality is a natural value-add.

What does this mean for me as a homeowner/decorator?
Whether you are printing an heirloom piece, a family portrait or wedding photos – each of these has an intrinsic value that deserves the best treatment in how it will be printed and exhibited in your home.
Our choice of fine art paper types and the long-term permanence of our process, make TAKUMI the ideal choice to print pieces of sentimental value that deserve the best of quality and will have the ability to be passed down to the next generation to treasure.


Fine Art Printing

We thrive on the collaborative process of bringing your artwork and photography to life through printing – to us, there is nothing more rewarding.


Canvas Printing

High quality canvas printing and stretching on premium and archival grade canvases to suit your specific requirements.


Art Reproductions

Turn your originals into a perpetual source of income by creating exceptional quality prints of your artwork. We offer a complete range of fine art paper types to suit all works and tastes.


Picture Framing

TAKUMI Studio offers an in-house framing service to complete your works. Printed works can be finished in a range of mat and framing options to suit your space.

Ready to make it happen?

We prefer you to submit your order online as it allows us to collect all of the information required to efficiently process your order.

You can view all relevant pricing information for Fine Art Prints, Canvas Printing, Canvas Stretching and Framing, directly on our site. Please contact us to enquire about Custom Picture Framing pricing.

Please contact us to schedule a consult time to assist with paper selection, printing options and framing solutions to complete each piece.


What makes us tick?

Our founding values

Our printing process is 100% collaborative. You have the opportunity to be involved as little or as much as you want. Your artwork, or photography, is yours – not ours. We are here to help with suggestions and advice, but ultimately to produce printed matter that accentuates your work and realises your vision.

One word to describe us? Scrupulous. Being a good printer is about paying meticulous attention to detail. Being a great printer is about listening to your client’s needs, offering solutions and then exceeding expectations – this sums up our mission.

Our printers, camera equipment, monitors are Japanese in origin – a culture that has fostered photographic development and evolution and is analogous with the high-quality standards that we hold ourselves to. A country where artisans are regarded for their dedication to their craft. To the same effect we aspire to Kaizen principles of continuous growth, education and improvement.

Quality without compromise

A marriage of high quality printers, papers and process

TAKUMI Studio is founded on an ideal of quality. We have married our EPSON large format printers running EPSON Ultrachrome inks, to archival media from Canson, Ilford and Hahnemuhle. We are always experimenting and exploring (feeding our value of Kaizen), and welcome the use of new papers to meet your requirements.

Our processes result in prints that are considered archival quality through the combination of inks and papers we use.

You can read more about the longevity of giclee (inkjet) prints at the Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. An independent testing laboratory for print longevity testing the various combinations of printers, inks and media.

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