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Canvas Printing, Stretching & Framing Pricing

Canvas Options

Please choose how you would like your canvas print to be finished. All prints are protected with 3 coats of a satin UV protective sealant allowing the prints to be gently wiped down with a cloth as required.
We offer rolled/unstretched canvas prints, stretched canvas prints and stretched canvases finished with a floating frame to add a touch of close to the finished piece.
Our canvases are stretched on 32mm stretcher bars with additional bracing added to any prints over 800mm on any side.

Canvas Choice

We offer the choice of two canvas media options.
You can read more about our canvas choices here.


Please input your desired print dimensions and units (inches or centimetres).

We add a 0.5 inch paper border to your image dimensions as part of our standard pricing to aid in handling and shipping. Paper borders can be customised further below to meet presentational needs.

We can print anything up to 44 inches in roll width x any length. Eg. maximum image width for portrait orientation is 40 inches wide or for landscape orientations 40 inches high. We can print to any virtual length depending on paper type, usually 12-15m in length.

  • Min: 1

  • Min: 1

Canvas Edge Wrap Option

Please select from 4 edge/wrap options.
If you are choosing to add a float frame to your print, we recommend a mirror wrap for a clean edge.
You will only see options here if you have selected a Stretched, or Stretched/Framed option above.

  • Mirror Wrap - our standard
    Black Wrap
    White Wrap
    Gallery Wrap

Floating Frame Choice

Please select from Black, White or Raw Oak.
Other colours and profiles available by request.
You will only see options here if you have selected a Stretched, or Stretched/Framed option above.

  • Black
    Raw Oak


Please note: a $5.50 packaging fee applies to all freighted stretched and framed canvas works in addition to freight costs. Rolled/Unstretched print costs include relevant packaging.

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