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Website Design
for Artists & Photographers

Through the assistance of our partner business, Personify Web Design, TAKUMI Studio offers website design services specifically tailored to artists and photographers.

Whether you simply need to create a point of contact for potential clients, want to expand to create a portfolio site, or require a fully-fledged online store, we are here to assist with each stage of the process.

Personify uses the WordPress platform for its flexibility, worldwide adoption and incredible array and readily available add-ons.

Website Design

Designing with Wordpress

Wordpress powers approximately 36.5% of all websites on the web

The current version of the software has been downloaded 27.8 million times at the time of writing (22May2020)

63.4% of CMS (Content Management System) sites are run by WordPress

Being the most popular platform on the internet, WordPress has been steadily refined since its introduction in 2003. For us, the benefits of community-driven design, options and add-ons is a big plus for accessing unique and effective functions for each individual site.

It is our natural choice for function, flexibility and currency.

Web Design Services


Pricing is dependent on individual needs.


Pricing starts at $49 per month (incl GST) in addition to a $750 (incl GST) site setup fee.


This includes:

  • Single page site setup

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Cloud-based hosting

  • SSL Certificate

  • Annual Domain Name Registration

  • Wordpress Theme Licensing

  • Website Maintenance

  • Security Updates

  • Software Updates

  • Site Backups

  • Website Repair as/if required

  • Monthly Reporting

eCommerce Store Design

Online Store setup starts at $1450 (incl GST) plus $59 per month (incl GST) ongoing for maintenance and annual licensing/registration/hosting costs.


Please contact us for more information and for full terms and conditions.

Website Features

Some key features that we can implement into your website:

  • Portfolios

  • Newsletter Signup Forms and Popups

  • Contact Forms

  • Instagram Feed Integration

  • Blog/News article setup

  • Online Gallery

  • Facebook Messenger integration

  • Online Ordering

  • Intricate Product & Pricing setup

  • Drop-ship order notifications direct to us for printing and shipping without needing to lift a finger

At your service

Some key features that we can implement into your website:

  • Site design and setup particular to your needs

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Email Setup (via Microsoft Business Essentials)

  • Cloud-based hosting for performance and reliability

  • Ongoing security/software updates and site maintenance

Ready to discuss to your website project?

Please contact us to discuss your Website Design requirements including feature set, future growth, traget audience and budget.

We are here to help with any queries so please hesitate to contact us.

TAKUMI Studio's services

Our Services

Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing (Giclee) services for artists and photographers. We work with you in a collaborative manner to produce prints that enhance your work and in keeping with your artistic aesthetic.

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Custom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing

TAKUMI Studio offers custom picture framing and canvas stretching and framing. You can order directly via the website, or visit us for a wide selection of framing, mat and glazing options for all conservation requirements.

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Exhibition Printing

Exhibition Printing

We work with photographers and artists on a collaborative basis to plan and execute your exhibition printing and framing. We offer a wide range of media to suit every style and setting.

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File Preparation

File Preparation

We can assist with preparing your image file/s ready for print which involves sizing the image to your desired print size, as well as sharpening it at each print size.

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What makes us tick?

Our founding values

Our printing process is 100% collaborative. You have the opportunity to be involved as little or as much as you want. Your artwork, or photography, is yours – not ours. We are here to help with suggestions and advice, but ultimately to produce printed matter that accentuates your work and realises your vision.

One word to describe us? Scrupulous. Being a good printer is about paying meticulous attention to detail. Being a great printer is about listening to your client’s needs, offering solutions and then exceeding expectations – this sums up our mission.

Our printers, camera equipment, monitors are Japanese in origin – a culture that has fostered photographic development and evolution and is analogous with the high-quality standards that we hold ourselves to. A country where artisans are regarded for their dedication to their craft. To the same effect we aspire to Kaizen principles of continuous growth, education and improvement.

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Please feel free to drop us a line if you have a query. We have created an extensive FAQ page that may also assist with your enquiry.

Our pricing and ordering, include custom sizes, can all be completed online by following the relevant menu tabs above.

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